The New Era of Tal’dorei

D&D 5e

This campaign officially welcomes and encourages brand new players to join. Do not be discouraged if you have no experience, the GM is willing to help you learn!.

Here in the world of Tal’dorei a group of adventurers by the name of Vox Machina have saved this world multiple times. But their time has passed. It is now time for a new era of new adventurers to make a name for themselves.

Hi, I am Jackson. I am a Freshman here at UtD and have been playing D&D 5e for around 5 years now. My campaign with be heavily role play oriented with inspiration given to players who show their role playing prowess. Fear not there will be plenty of fighting, looting, and wonderful adventures. Most of the events and story arcs that happen will be based upon your interaction with this world and it’s inhabitants. For the first session I am planning on mostly having an introduction day. Helping people with character sheets and going over the rules of the club and some of my personal rules for the game.

Only real requirement for my game:
For every person who is looking to join I would like at least a 1 page backstory (i don’t care how you format it I am not an English teacher). This would need to describe your character to me and give me an idea of what kind of person your character is. The reason being is that I plan on making all of my players come together in a way that ties into all of your backstories. So if someone is in jail then that is where they will meet up with others, or perhaps they just got out of jail and are looking for work. Anyway I would need this sometime before the first day of game.

This campaign is sponsored by the Tabletop Gaming Club at the University of Texas at Dallas. Membership is restricted to members of the club and students at the campus.

The New Era of Tal'Dorei